"Just Google it" it is a saying, and as a business owner you know how you are found on the web matters. With Google always improving the way it views and ranks websites can be hard for business owners like you to keep up. Find out how Search Fit your website is, and what you can start today to increase organic traffic to your website.

In this 5 point health check you'll learn:

Website analysis

First lets pop the hood and take a look at how your website is set up. The underlying code can have a real impact on search results, especially when you are chasing the organic (FREE) traffic.

Things you can do right now

Quick fixes you can make to your website right now to see improvements.

How your website ranks

Do you know what are the top keywords your website is ranking for, and more importantly are they what you expect?

How optimised is your website for mobile?

Mobile is massive, having a responsive site is not enough. Is the content optimised for mobile?

Ideas to grow

The Search Fit report will get you pointed in the right direction with expert advice and creative ideas, that are simple and effective.

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